A downloadable I love/kill you

Have you ever been stalked? Let me tell you it’s awful. Explore this disturbing and common, stalk and kill your friends, or hand them into the cops. If they’ll even believe you.


A card based TTRPG for 2 to 5 players in which each player is assigned one of 3 classes, the victim, the stalker, or the killer. Each has a goal to incapacitate the other players through playing the cards. 


Only piece of equipment needed that isn’t provided with the game is a D20 and maybe a piece of paper for notes.

Install instructions

Download all files, print out as many card boards as there are players, print out main file over two A3 sheets or four A4 sheets. Cut out cards, tokens, playing tokens, and main board. 


Ilovekillyou.png 2 MB
Cardboard.png 3 MB
Rules.pdf 90 kB
logo.png 29 kB

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